Dubai Safari Park: An Immersive Wildlife Experience in the Heart of Dubai

Dubai Safari Park is a treasure in the heart of Dubai, located in an expansive area. This park shows the diversity of plant and animal life within a region. It represents different ecosystems worldwide, creating a unique experience for all visitors.

Dubai Safari Park is divided into different zones for different animals. Each zone is designed according to the natural habitats of the animals. The visitors get a chance to visit different continents at one place. In this journey, you can experience the beauty of the African savannah and the Asian rainforest at once. You also find different kinds of species along the way.

It is a place which provides entertainment for the visitors of all ages. There are many activities which engage the attention of visitors. Through safari drives you get an opportunity to see the animals closely. Expect this there are feeding sessions and live shows which help to create a deeper connection between you and the animals.

Best time to visit Dubai Safari Park:

What is the best time to visit Dubai Safari Park?

This is the most asked question about safari park and people want to know about the best time to visit it. In this article we will let you know about the answer. You can visit Dubai Safari Park from November to March as this is the best time to visit it. In these months the temperature is relatively low and you can have a comfortable visit. Expect this, if you want to see the natural behavior of animals, you can visit the safari park in the morning because the animals are more active. There are also many events and activities in the safari park for visitors. If you want to attend a specific event you can simply check the park’s schedule.

Ticket Price and Inclusions:

How much does Dubai Safari Park cost?

The cost of tickets of Dubai Safari Park is different for people of different ages. The price is different for children and adults. Entry is free for kids less than three years. It ranges from 20 AED to 85 AED according to your preferences. In this you get a chance to explore different habitats of different geographical regions. These tickets also provide guided tours. The Dubai Safari Park is home to more than 2500 creatures and it aims to be one of the top ten zoos of the world.

The most important question that comes into your mind about the Dubai Safari Park is that, is it worth going to Dubai Safari Park?

The decision of visiting Dubai Safari Park also depends on your preferences and interests. If you are a fan of wildlife, you love animals of different habitats and nature then this place is for you. This tour gives you a collective experience of wildlife and their education. Go through from all the activities beforehand can also help you in making your journey worth it.


Dubai Safari Park has received a lot of positive reviews from the public. The main reason for these positive reviews is the eco-friendly environment of park. People also like its well-maintained enclosure and unique experiences. The convenient transportation for the people, the facilities and the presence of all species of animals there, are also some basic reasons for the positive feedback of visitors. Dubai Safari Park is a best place, carefully designed for a family day out.

Exploring the Offerings: What is included in Dubai Safari Park?

Dubai Safari Park is the home of 84 species of mammals, 15 different carnivores, 18 primates, 60 types of reptiles, 115 species of birds, and hundreds of amphibians and invertebrates. From lions to flamingos, it is really a big Safari family, living happily in unique zones designed to match their natural habitat and their biodiversity. It also includes the Al Wadi area, the African, Asian and Explorer Villages and the farm for kids.

Inclusions and experiences:

The journey of Dubai Safari Park gives you numerous experiences. It allows you to feel different ecosystem and observe wide range of wild lives. The tour guides tell you about the behaviour of animals, their habitats, preservation and environment. They also show you the feeding sessions of animals and it creates a strong bond between animals and visitors.

Timings and contact information:

The timing of Dubai Safari Park is every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Entry timing is from 9:00am to 3:30pm and park closes at 5:00pm. You can also visit their official website or contact the park directly for most updated timings. The park’s contact number can be changed so for avoiding any hustle you can simply find it on their official website.


In conclusion, Dubai Safari Park is one of the best safari parks of the world. It shows the traditional sentiments of Wildlife Park. It is best way to produce a connection between man and nature. When you finish this journey, you don’t just carry mesmerizing memories with you but a commitment to protect earth’s biodiversity. It is not just a park but a destination and inspiration for coexistence with nature.

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