10 Tips and Tricks of Dubai Desert Camping: The Complete Guide

Dubai, the city in which the face of modernity is changing, there is a peaceful desert. Dubai Desert Camping has now become such an eternal experience in which we can find a mixture of excitement and peace. In this article, we will explore every possible aspect of Dubai Desert Camping and will provide you with tips and tricks so that this guide can be memorable for you.

The Scenes of Dubai Desert Camping

Before starting your journey for Dubai Desert Camping, it is necessary to look at the important features of Dubai desert. From the golden sand of Arabian Desert to the silence of Empty Quarter, every desert has its own style. Here, we will focus on the qualities of scenes and will tell you that how you can select a camping spot according to your preference

Choosing the Right Time:

It is important to choose the right time for camping because of the extreme temperature of the deserts of Dubai. The best time for camping in the deserts of Dubai is from October to March, when the temperature is usually pleasant. These months are ideal for camping. If you want to see the starry sky, then choosing winter months are best and you will also get comfortable and relaxing camping experience.

Necessary Equipment for Dubai Desert Camping:

To take necessary stuff with you is the important part of camping. One of the most important things is ‘tent’, which should be of good quality and size. Sleeping bags, portable cooking equipment, flashlight, breathable clothing, comfortable footwear, sun protection gear, water bottles and navigation tools are some essentials for camping. By taking this equipment with you, you can completely enjoy your camping in Dubai deserts.

Dubai Desert Camping

Tips for Camp Setup:

Some important and easy tips for camp setup can make your desert camping experience more comfortable. First choose a suitable campsite. Then, use sturdy pegs to secure your tent in sandy terrain. You can use cushions and folding chairs to make a comfortable outdoor living space. And more importantly, after setting up your camp, keep a check on environment, so that your camping experience will become nature-friendly and enjoyable.

Safe Navigation in Desert:

A safe navigation for a camping trip is very important. It is easy to get lost in the vast expanse of deserts, so this is necessary to understand the landmarks. By following the basic navigation principles and using the GPS devices more accurately, you can move around in large spaces easily. Use of night vision devices can also help you in safe navigation; in fact the twinkling stars in the sky also lead you to the right path.

Campfire Cooking in Desert:

Campfire cooking has its own charm in desert. Keep yourself around a good campfire. It will double the fun of your camping. The experience of cooking food in the strong wind, to enjoy with the friends and to eat food under the starry sky is more than just a simple camping. With good use of portable cooking equipment and recipes you can make a special and memorable dining experience.

Stay Hydrated in Desert:

To stay hydrated in desert is necessary for a camping trip. It is crucial for you and your comfort to stay hydrated in arid conditions and extreme temperature during Dubai Desert Camping. Always bring water bottles with you and intake water frequently. Apart from that, you can also use electrolyte-rich drinks for effective hydration. By carrying water properly, managing the storage and by using wet towels or cooling bands, you can comfortably handle the challenging environment of deserts.

Wildlife Etiquette and Conservation:

To respect the plants and to remain helpful with the wildlife is the crucial part of Dubai Desert Camping. By keeping an eye on wildlife etiquettes and conversation, you can not only make your trip enjoyable but also make it sustainable for environment. You can take your part in the process of saving the delicate ecosystem by avoiding the loud noises and by disposing your trash properly. By not disturbing the wildlife and by behaving nicely in their natural habitat you can become a responsible camper who struggles to save the environment by his actions.

Fun Activities for Desert Campers:

There are so many thrilling and exciting activities in Dubai Desert Camping that are ready to give you wonderful experiences. Dune bashing in which you walk through the swamp with strong vehicles. Camel riding is also a unique experience in which you enjoy the beautiful scenes of deserts by having a ride on camels. You can also have a wonderful experience of stargazing. Cultural performance in the deserts like traditional music and dance also make your camping trip more enjoyable. By joining these fun activities you can make your camping experience more unique and memorable.

Adapting in Deserts at Night:

To adapt in the desert at night is also a different challenge and experience. The real magic of desert camping shines, when stars twinkle at the night in deserts. To adjust in the natural sounds and sensations of desert provides unique experience. You can completely enjoy your surroundings by adapting into the environment of desert.

The use of night vision devices, to be ready for stargazing can make your camping quite peaceful. The cultural activities in desert at night, like bonfire and storytelling, create a wonderful and mystical atmosphere that enhances the beauty of Dubai Desert Camping.


Dubai desert camping is a transformative experience, which takes you away from the hectic life of cities and bring you towards the heart of nature for some time. With these tips and tricks, you are ready for a memorable adventure, under the starry sky of deserts of Dubai. Either you are new for camping or you are an experienced adventurer, the deserts of Dubai always have something new and thriller for you. This guide will prepare you for a successful and enjoyable desert camping expedition.

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